The Cultist

The Cultist transmits from an undisclosed location on the very fringes of acceptable and understood culture. Learned in Western sciences, occult practices, Eastern systems of meditative religion, Native American lore, Ufology and shamanism, he remains vigilant and steadfast in his pursuit of “The Trickster”

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Welcome to Notes from the Cultist! Your roadmap for navigating the trails of the fringe. Here at The Cultist HQ, our aim is to bring you miscellaneous brain candy on the anomalous, speculations on the weird and news items for scholars of esoterica. So... How very curious, a record store which also contemplates the Isness of existence and the strangeness of “The Otherness”… Recruited by Psilowave and allocated a peculiar arena in which to ponder the mysterious and forgotten. The Cultist transmissions will be at you when they at you, but the aim is to drop a regular monthly ramble off the reservation.

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