Psilowave are delighted to present to the UK and Europe Hare’s Breath Records… The label is wholly owned, administrated and curated by Matt and Kat Peach, both of whom have been making music for most of their lives. The label specializes in limited edition deluxe CD and tape curiosities and is at the forefront of eerie, haunted electronic ambience and unsettling folk, often termed “Hauntology”

Deliciously weird, darkly synthetic and yet remaining completely organic, Hare’s Breath Records is going to be a label to watch closely.

Matt, who is from the UK, has released music on a number of third-party labels under various guises. US-born Kat is a classically trained pianist who began her studies at the Peabody Institute in Baltimore.

They first started making music together remotely while Matt was still living in the UK. They passed files back and forth online and created what would become the Wandering Eldar Wyrdfolk EP.

One dark and stormy night while together in the UK, they decided to start The Stone Tapes, which is built around a fictional character called George Albert Wilberforce and his recordings. This project became a success and has been featured on FM radio and podcasts worldwide since its release. The initial run of tapes sold out within a week, and the disc release was also snapped up quickly.

Matt and Kat created Hare’s Breath Records initially to release their own projects, but they soon realized it would become much more than just a vanity label. The boutique label stands by an ethos of helping fellow artists receive more attention, as well as creating high-quality small-run releases.

The Peaches now live together on the East Coast of America, and Hare’s Breath Records continues to grow. Stay tuned, stay weird, and be prepared for more excellent releases from this unique label.