brother culture isis CD


New Condition


In 2002 BC met Youth , it was Youth who suggested an album with Nick Manasseh as he saw a certain magic when the two got together. By now, BC had rooted himself in a new order of understanding that had manifested works such as Kumba Mela Experiments Peace Is Love (Liquid Sound 2002).Manasseh and BC got together and worked on the tunes and ISIS is the result.It is a journey of love and change , it is UK roots – with all the spice and variety of Urban existance.It attempts to bring the grit of the 80s sound systen era with the multi – path truth of life today… peace is ISIS (if ISIS is love ) ?


Brother Culture is London born of African-Celtic background. He started to MC in 1983 for the Jah Revelation Muzik sound system and at that time, they were one of the most prominent Roots sound systems in the UK. Based in Brixton, BC was at the centre of the UK MC explosion that saw many homegrown reggae arsist come to the scene.By 1985, BC was touring in Jamaica, USA , Canada and Trinidad as part of the twelve Tribes Of Israel rasta brotherhood. On returning to UK after some time in the States, BC started to MC at a place called the Dub Club in London, here he made many new associations on the UK Dub-Roots circuit, this led to his first collaboration with Adrian Sherwood. Frankinstein was wriiten and performed by BC and legendary Little Roy. through the 1990s as the music scene and the UK (roots) MC scene began to change, BC came into contact with more dub driven producers and sounds such as ; Manasseh , Mad Proffersor, Mungos Hi Fi etc. This led to collaborations such as Mungos Hi Fi meets Brother Culture (Dubhead 2002), Foundation Rockers (twlight dub sound )