dr atmo lost tapes CD
01 dr atmo lost tapes CD
02 dr atmo lost tapes CD
dr atmo lost tapes CD
01 dr atmo lost tapes CD
02 dr atmo lost tapes CD

Lost Tapes

New Condition
Also on:CD


Limited edition hand numbered edition of 200 copies.

Compiled by Dr Atmo
All music by Atmo and friends
Artwork by Studio Chaotyczne


1.Qui | 2002 | a part of my ambient diaries’ series for Mandala Hotel Berlin.

2.Sunset | 1995 | one Track of ATMO.FEOS Album with Pascal FEOS. Never Released because Mr. Väth lost/got stolen the Original Dat on Goa by a private chill session | pascal, RIP Bro

3.On the Neon | 2010 | taken from BELOTONE Ep produced with Dj Olive, Richard Sharp, Hataken in Tokyo in one of the best days in my life.

4.Bamboo Neon | 2010 | BELOTONE | you can’t believe how lucky I am to see this track finally released

5.Time Traveler | Miss Silencio | a side project for much trippier feely stuff | 2009

6.Mystery of Blue | Miss Silencio | 2009

7.Blash | Lost Kids | done this in Barcelona in 6ROOM hotel with two French guys at night / never seen again | so guys, where were you? didn’t meet you at breakfast anymore?! | 2005

8.Behesht | ATMO & PCP | well, this is the first track that I did that was released on the FRANKFURT TRAX compilation | never got paid, for even they sell thousands | 1993

9. Untitled 3 | ATMO.BRTSCHITSCH | My project with fucking talented Frankfurt techno boy Paul Brtschitsch | Those tracks were for our second album that never released because the label was angry with us! Why? Because as we played 5 minutes too long as support for Chilly Gonzales because the people scream and had fun. You can’t believe it | 1999

10.Untitled 2 | ATMO.BRTSCHITSCH | with Paul Brtschitsch | 1999

11.Untitled 1 | ATMO.BRTSCHITSCH | with Paul Brtschitsch | 1999

12. Deep Heart | ATMO & A.O.D. | Well, after this one was fix,the guy wants to have 500€ for each track that he will produce in the next days. So, I paid 100€ and will call him soon | 2007

13. Black Seed | ATMO.BRTSCHITSCH | taken from gorgeous “change your life album” with Paul Brtschitsch | if you want the album, send me a mail; I have 50 pieces | 2000

14. Good Friends are hard to find | ATMO & PHONOSYNTHESE | those guys enjoyed my XS sets from the first minute and weeks later invited me to enjoy them in their studio. So, I played for the first time the key and finished that during all guys slept. I recorded on Tape and listened in my car during the sun come up. Don’t ask what happened to the guys? You will cry. Anyway, this track is one of the best what I(we) ever done | 1998
released March 27, 2021

I select a few tracks, what didn’t get that attention, or something happened that they didn’t release in the past. Finally, I’m so happy to release them without saying “these are old” because I produced them in a timeless way. I want to thank you guys for supporting me and follow my releases all those years. And for sure a big thanx to all people that I meet and had beautiful studio time and produced nice flows. Who I want to thank? Well, how snoop once said, I want to thank myself to being real in all those years and done all those with the real love to the music even how other acted. If you read to this, you are the one who now know that my mate Lee and I will go for a fancy spacy Atmo box next. A box of glory.

Berlin 2021