dream division lumarian vinyl lp


New Condition


Pressed on 180gm Earth Crystal blue marble vinyl

Tom Mcdowell’s Dream Division returns with ‘Lumarain’ an invitation to an electronic odyssey. The album’s expansive synth soundscapes stretch out like vast, unexplored galaxies, inviting the audience to embark on a thrilling journey. McDowell’s deft touch on the synthesiser’s manifests in otherworldly textures and pulsating rhythms, forging a unique sonic experience that captivates from start to finish with each track unfolding like a chapter of a lost dystopian science fiction novel


The fusion of Jorja Chalmers’ evocative saxophone and McDowell’s otherworldly synth arrangements creates a rare and distinctive combination, a harmonious convergence of the traditional and the futuristic, resulting in a sound seldom heard in the contemporary music landscape.

Track List

Number Title
A01 Intro
A02 Dimension X
A03 Odyssey
A04 Crystal City
A05 Lumarian
B01 Ghosts Of Telos
B02 Lost Kingdom
B03 Ice Throne
B04 Expansion
B05 Final Light
B06 End Sequence