neotantra tantra x CD boxset
01 neotantra tantra x CD boxset
02 neotantra tantra x CD boxset
neotantra tantra x CD boxset
01 neotantra tantra x CD boxset
02 neotantra tantra x CD boxset

Tantra X

New Condition


Sold out at the label – very Limited edition hand numbered 5 x CD Box Sets of 100 copies only worldwide!

Limited Edition of 100 boxsets.Individually hand numbered.Each disc mixed into a seamless dream by Elektrėn ai and lovingly designed by Studio Chaotyczne


Rational and intuitive intelligence,one of four functions of the mind.Faculty of discrimination and wisdom.We are inner observers.

Over 6 hours of Earth music blended into a bubbling stream of fragmented habitats.

Specta Ciera_Wil Bolton_Dimitar Dodovski_Martin Allin_Milieu_Murkok_Futuregrapher_OffLand_Juta Takahashi_Darren McClure_Geoscience_Peace 6_Daniel Vujanic_MO-DU_D York_Memex_Tunnelwater_ Å Asher Yates_Moss Covered Technology_Encym_Natural Life Essence_Moss Garden_Mind over MIDI_Ambidextrous_Drifts In Autumn_Willebrant_The Fold_Michiru Aoyama_Todd Gerber_Clouds Are Learning_Paul Tyrrell_Seva Randeep_Whatsisname_California Storm_Mistachesta_Ecovillage_Moshonsensu_Caldon Glover_Test Season_Daniel Prendville_Drifts In Autumn_Gunnar Jónsson
Collider_Yamaoka_Solipsism_Martin Stuertzer_Tomina Chimes_Gunuph_Ataxy_Gregory Darden_Dave Wesley_Leaf Calligraphy_Milieu

Mixed into a seamless journey over 5 discs by Elektrėn ai

Track List

Number Title
01.1 What Afternoon
01.2 Flicker
01.3 Predel (Version)
01.4 Your Father And Nature
01.5 Flurous
01.6 Panflora
01.7 TX Nes
01.8 Turbulent Calm
01.9 Theophany
01.10 Shallows
01.11 Inner Sanctuary
01.12 Choir
02.1 Undergrounded
02.2 Glamorgue
02.3 Ras Hammel
02.4 Everything Is Illuminated
02.5 C For Comfort
02.6 One Push Of The Door
02.7 Slowtempest
02.8 Gen #4
02.9 Fleetingness
02.10 Unknown Citadel
02.11 Overlooking Oceans (Mind Over MIDI Mix)
03.1 It Drowned Again
03.2 Lose Me To Despair
03.3 A Knight On A Boat
03.4 Rage Against Light
03.5 Lovely
03.6 Å˙¨ · º•.
03.7 The Unfinished
03.8 The Manacles
03.9 Urskog
03.10 Akshohya Buddha
03.11 The Crossing
04.1 Purple Skies
04.2 Bring Out Your Dead
04.3 Endless Horizon
04.4 Notion Of Wonder
04.5 Clouds Come In
04.6 Season One, Episode One
04.7 Hospice Cocktail
04.8 Movements Of Colour
04.9 Ascension (For Jim Harter)
04.10 Powder 06
04.11 That (In All Of Us)
04.12 Awakening
05.1 At The End Of A Cycle
05.2 Gully
05.3 Walking Up The Fields
05.4 Artefacts
05.5 Chimes Of Life Part 2
05.6 Nightfall
05.7 Outland
05.8 Drifter
05.9 A Oficina Ao Lado-Dois
05.10 Sonic Flames