Before & After Silence is the brand new record label from highly respected electronic musician Mick Chillage. Inspired by Eno & Namlook, the philosophy of the label is to release material that is born from passion, inspiration & intuition. No preconceived concepts or production methods are behind each body of work.

Mick Chillage is no stranger to Psilowave or aficionados of electronic and ambient music. Mick has been producing various strains of electronica since 1996 and has released material on Pete Namlook’s legendary Fax Records as both a solo artist and in collaboration with Lee Anthony Norris as Autumn Of Communion. Other labels he’s released on are, Txt, Carpe Sonum, Anodize, Nice&Nasty and more.

It is with great pleasure that we are able to bring to you Mick’s brand new record label – Before & After Silence Recordings.  Launched as a platform for Mick Chillage to release physical media of various solo works which will appear initially on CD. The future may see collaborative projects and vinyl releases too.

Before & After Silence has already piqued the interest of ambient fans worldwide. Mick is quickly becoming one of the most prolific electronic artists in his native country of Ireland focusing mainly on CD album releases in recent times. His distinct sound combines atmospheric soundscapes and melancholic melody which he prefers to create from scratch rather than sampling someone else’s work.

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