Psilowave are delighted to present Ultimae Records to the UK. Long established as one of the leading labels for the more discerning Electronic Ambient enthusiast. Always well informed but without bowing to the fickle trends of the Ambient genre, Ultimae have carved their own niche within Electronica shaping the label sound into a sophisticated, intelligent and polished entity. All releases have a unique resonance, a certain sheen which is unmistakable!

Originally formed as Infinium Records in 1999 and morphing into Ultimae records in 2001 with Headquarters based in Lyon, France. Founded by Vincent Villuis (AES Dana) and Sandrine Gryson (Mahiane) as an avenue to release their own music, the label quickly grew to encompass a diverse roster of highly accomplished musicians and artists. Many of the most respected Electronic musicians of the last decade have called Ultimae their home, where they have been nurtured and allowed full freedom to develop their sound. Carbon Based Lifeforms and Solar Fields (Magnus Birgersson) to name but two, both matured as artists and released some of the most refined and sublime Ambience ever recorded whilst at Ultimae.

The company is now so much more than “just” a label, offering licensing, sound design and mastering services, with Vincent Villuis being the go to man for mastering for many of today’s leading electronic producers looking for that elusive depth, clarity and polish to be imprinted into their recordings. Also a self contained record store in their own right Ultimae have helped raise awareness of their own sound and introduced us to many other labels and artists not only in France but around Europe and the States.

We are more than a little proud, in fact we are honoured to represent Ultimae here in the UK. In their own words Ultimae are, and remain “Panoramic since 1999”. Visit the Ultimae Records label page here at “Psilowave” to browse the full Ultimae catalogue.

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