Psilowave are delighted to be able to present and host Slowcraft Records. Created and curated by James Murray, Slowcraft offers exceptional, unclassifiable music in carefully handcrafted editions for people who treasure beautiful audio artefacts.

Founded in 2011 to release Anne Garner’s Trusting a Twirled World, the imprint has since become the core platform for both artists’ work. Six albums from Murray himself, including the critically acclaimed Floods trilogy, three full-lengths from Garner and collaborative joint label releases with Trace Recordings, Unperceived and KrysaliSound have followed. In 2018 Murray opened the door to outside artists with Slowcraft Presents, welcoming Alapastel, Neotropic, Gri + Mosconi and Ian Hawgood to the label for a series of minimal, cross-genre releases offered in limited handmade CD editions.

Slowcraft continues to operate and evolve from Murray’s London studio with occasional live events at The Muse Gallery on the iconic Portobello Rd. Much like his own unhurried, highly textured work, the label ethos is best understood as a quiet commitment to works of understated originality and unusual emotional resonance, and the small circle of sound artists who create them.


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