miktek hereafter CD
01 miktek hereafter CD
miktek hereafter CD
01 miktek hereafter CD


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Miktek is back!!! Super limited hard copy CD Digipak- Only 250 Worldwide!!!

Ultimae proudly presents “Hereafter”, a collection of past and present works by Mihalis Aikaterinis aka MIKTEK to which the Greek composer desired to give a second breath and offer a new dive into his deep musical world. All tracks were carefully chosen, revisited, reedited, recorded live, remastered and assembled with two unreleased ones to create a smooth melancholic journey.


Washed out blissful pads and slow idm rhythms are to be expected as the foundation of this release. From the warm ambient vibe of Dawsonia to the dubbed out landscapes of Omniprescence and the glitchy rhythms of Atmosphere of Neglect, Mihalis cruises through multiple electronic territories while keeping a coherent sound along the way.

Sometimes reassuring, sometimes dark, but always captivating, these pieces feel like a never ending ascent to the lights above.
During the troubled times we’re experimenting, “Hereafter” resonates with a touching singularity. While the title might evoke dismal images, what we hear is an invitation to look farther than anything else, farther than our present times, to journey to clearer skies and quieter waters.

Written, arranged, mixed and produced by Mihalis Aikaterinis, except “Parenthesis (Ozora live edit)” by Mihalis Aikaterinis & Vincent Villuis
Mastering by Vincent Villuis @ Ultimae Studios

Track List

Number TitleLength
01 Dawsonia6:40
02 Is Calm4:55
03 Biosphere (Re-Visit)6:26
04 Deep Dive Conversations5:54
05 Omnipresence5:15
06 Chronicles (Genesis Live Edit)9:48
07 Parenthesis (Ozora Live Edit)5:58
08 Obnubilate6:00
09 Atmosphere Of Neglect5:58
10 Anisotropy5:01