ishq archetypes of light 2 CD

Archetypes Of Light 2

New Condition


Strictly Limited Edition of 150 copies. Further out, elaborately precise textual machinations opening wide infinite paths of circuits mixed and blended with the collapse of reality, if we aren’t dreaming this and somehow are here, now, we find the positive valence soars, taking us past the point of earthly complications, full circle, held safe within chaos.


Archetypes of light is a 2 cd set of works completed by Ishq over a number of years and taken from the Virtual world ideology of creating music that is like a moving picture or film and original , challenging and which invokes the imagination.

The nature of these 2 releases is at times quite experimental but at other times harmonious and bliss full , the terrain the releases visit is one that is both otherworldly and strange and yet at times juxtaposed with sublime subtle spaces , ethnic rhythms of an interplanetary origin flow into sequential symbiotic cascades of colour and light and the best way to describe these 2 albums is that they are a journey into the Imaginary .

Highly unique , spontaneous and origin art is rarely unchallenging