various conundrum concoction CD

Conundrum Concoction

New Condition


Rare OOP Psybient. New old Stock.

Dark Prisma Records has travelled across The Void and back to Earth, to bring you the one and only Conundrum Concoction, a new psychedelic-flavored, refreshing, invigorating, restorative tonic created to bring the psychonaut back home safe and sound.

This reintegration potion is the next chapter in The Void series, we have summoned the finest medicine men to unveil the secret formula and distill this fine elixir, a concoction between remedy and candy prepared to assist and confort you in your journey, to give you a delightful new perspective.


Dark Prisma Records is a platform to broadcast avant-garde, mind and soul bending music throughout Planet Earth. We host a new generation of artists that download next level aural transmissions that extend the boundaries and possibilities of what is known as psychedelic trance.