The Tingler (1959) Blu Ray – Indicator Released

New Condition


(William Castle, 1959)


High Definition remaster
Original mono audio
Alternative feature audio with stereo ‘Scream’ sequence
Alternative feature audio with drive-in ‘Headlights’ sequence
Fully restored bathroom scene, scanned in 4K from a rare 35mm print
Audio commentary with Kevin Lyons, editor of The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Film and Television, and Jonathan Rigby, author of American Gothic: Six Decades of Classic Horror Cinema
Imaginary Biology (2018, 17 mins): appreciation by Kim Newman, critic and author of Nightmare Movies
I Survived ‘The Tingler’ (2018, 4 mins): interview with actor Pamela Lincoln
Unleashing ‘Percepto’ (2018, 3 mins): interview with publicist Barry Lorie
Scream for Your Lives! William Castle and ‘The Tingler’ (1999, 16 mins): documentary featuring interviews with actor Darryl Hickman, archivist Bob Burns, author Lucy Chase Williams and film historian David Skal
Isolated music & effects track
Theatre lobby spot (1959, 3 mins): promotional recording featuring Vincent Price
Original theatrical trailer
Joe Dante trailer commentary (2013, 3 mins): short critical appreciation
Promotional materials gallery: stills, lobby cards and posters
‘Percepto’ instruction manual: gallery of the original installation guide
New and improved English subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing


Horror icon Vincent Price (The Mad Magician) plays a scientist who makes a remarkable discovery: within every human resides a creature, attached to the spine, that tingles in cases of fear. He manages to extract a Tingler from a recently murdered housewife, but the creature escapes…

One of the highpoints in the career of famed producer-director William Castle, The Tingler is an outlandish, inventive B-movie classic. And remember: a scream at the right time may save your life.