Hatchet For The Honeymoon Deluxe Collectors Edition Blu Ray Slip Cased 88 Films

New Condition


Limited edition – 3000 Units Only
Includes Rigid Slipcase with New Artwork From Colin Murdoch
40 Page Perfect Bound Book featuring “Don’t Stain the Staircase” – By Barry Forshaw and “Un-American Psycho: On the Trail of the European Movie Maniac” by Andrew Graves
A3 Fold-out Poster
Remastered HD Transfer from the 35mm Internegative with additional Cleanup performed by 88 Films.
High Definition (1080p) Presentation in 1.85:1 Aspect Ratio
2.0 Dual Mono DTS-HD Master Audio English Soundtrack
Audio Commentary by Giallo Cinema Export Troy Howarth and Nathaniel Thomson
Meet the Bavas – An Interview with Renowned Director Lamberto Bava
Working With A Master – An Interview with Assistant Camerman Gianlorenzo Battaglia
English Trailer
Reversible sleeve with Classic Poster Artwork


From director Mario Bava, the Godfather of Italian horror, comes Hatchet for the Honeymoon, a superlative early 70s slasher which places us and the erstwhile filmmaker back in the realm of the Gialli feature, a cinematic sub-genre he practically invented.
With echoes of Psycho (1960) and Peeping Tom (1960), this unsettling production sees troubled protagonist John Harrington (Stephen Forsythe) turning to a life of serial killing. Refused a divorce by his uncaring wife, and haunted by childhood trauma John takes out his murderous frustrations on a string of would-be brides who innocently cross his path.
Undoubtedly an influence on later movies like Maniac (1980), and a host of other chillers, this often-overlooked piece from one of Europe’s finest, is a smart, beautifully stylised, gory delight.