Psilowave are thrilled to present Cadabra Records to the UK! Cadabra Records are a boutique label specializing in vinyl only Spoken Arts, with voice talent provided by respected actors such as Tony Todd (Candyman, Final Destination) and under scored with ambient, nightmarish sounds by leading horror film score producers including Fabio Frizzi and Maurizio Guarini (Goblin). Catering exclusively to the horror/ weird genre, Cadabra produce some of the most luxurious vinyl pressings available in the 21st century.

Formed in 2015 and operating out of Syracuse, New York in the United States Cadabra Records is the brain child of founder and label owner Jonathon Dennison. Cadabra has carved its own niche in the lost art of the spoken word. The attention to detail on all releases is unparalleled, from the state of the art mastering of the recordings, through the use of talented voice work and specially commissioned art, to the limited edition, exclusive coloured vinyl pressings themselves. Add to that the lavish packaging and everything about Cadabra screams Deluxe!

Championing the weird fiction of Edgar Allen Poe and H.P. Lovecraft to name but two, Cadabra already have eight sumptuous releases under their belts, with Lovecraft’s “The Hound” scoring an unprecedented perfect 100% score from respected vinyl review site Modern-Vinyl. There are many more exciting releases lined up for the coming year, keeping horror aficionados, collectors and true vinyl enthusiasts alike with their eyes (and ears) focussed squarely on the Cadbra release schedule.

Psilowave are elated and honoured not only to represent Cadabra, but also be the exclusive distributor and supplier of all Cadabra Records products within the UK and Europe. Visit the Cadbra Records label page here at “Psilowave” to browse the full Cadabra catalogue. United States customers can access Cadabra Records directly at Cadabra Records

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